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tragedy man
Posted on 2005.07.11 at 08:42
Speak my friend, you look surprised

I thought you knew I'd come disguised

On angel wings...in white

I can make your dreams come true

What a couple...me and you

On journey through the night

I will show you everything no vividly

You can't deny me

Bathed in moonlight

I'm proclaimed by angels cry

Think well

Do take your time

Because your soul

Will be mine the day you die

Name a pleasure, one...a few

Any form of lust in you

Will tremble at my touch

I come down from heaven's light

I have all the perfect alibis

There's so much

I will show you everything so vividly

You won't deny me

Call my name or carry on

'Till that last resistance gone

I'm sure we'll meet again

I'm your true disciple

When the flesh desires

You won't deny me

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