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tragedy man
Posted on 2005.07.27 at 04:36
Don't leave me alone, late at night. I think too much, I remember too many things and I feel helpless and unworthy of life.

I didn't realize how empty this place would be without Lillith.

I'm no one then he said... Damn it to Hell, but he's gotten it so backwards. He's no one? Him?

I am such worthlessness...

Everything's been turned upside down for me. I realize that this is an irrational and unintelligent way to deal with these feels of aggression, rage and helplessness... but tonight there is no Lillith to slap me back to reality...

I'm going out for a drink. If I pace this room once more, I might scream. Four walls, ceiling and floor... I'm going insane. I swear.

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